Challenging the Medicalization of Sex




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New View Conferences

Conferences offer an opportunity for education, inspiration, and networking. Innovative ideas can be explored in a welcoming and progressive environment. The New View conferences have invited diverse scholars and activists to meet and educate each other about independent sexuality activism, education, research, and clinical practice.

First Conference, 2002, The New "Female Sexual Dysfunction:” Promises, Prescriptions, and Profits

Second Conference, 2005, Women and the New Sexual Politics: Profits vs. Pleasures

Third Conference, 2010, Framing the Vulva: Genital Cosmetic Surgery and Genital Diversity

Fourth Conference, 2011, The Medicalization of Sex: An International, Interdisciplinary Multimedia Conference

Fifth Conference, 2016, Critique-Resist-Transform: Feminist Scholar Activism and the New View Campaign